Friday, March 5, 2010


Snowy Lenton Rose--Jamestown, NC

A smiling elderly man sporting a baseball hat over pure white hair entered the Cancer Center waiting room with his wife and sat across from us. He easily struck up a conversation with a couple of women awaiting treatments about the sudden April cold spell which was spitting intermittent spring rain and snow showers outside.

I was passing time engrossed in my book and couldn’t hear all of the conversation, but I did catch him saying, “We haven’t gotten much rain lately during this drought, but I’m sure we’ll get by. It’s the Lord’s land. I’m just looking after it. The Lord’s been good to me though. I’ve got some cancers, but I’ll get over it."

You could easily relate this wise man to someone who’s been very close to the earth and the reality of basic life truths. It was etched into each tanned character line of his face. He was in touch with the realities of the circle of life. He understood that the trials and tribulations in this life are relatively short when weighed in the balance of eternal life on this Easter season of rebirth and new life. He understood the meaning of stewardship and trust revealed in Genesis 2:15 and John 3:16!

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