Monday, March 15, 2010


Battle of Guilford Courthouse, Light Dragoons, Revolutionaries, Greensboro, NC

"On 15 March 1781, the armies of Nathanael Greene and Lord Charles Cornwallis fought one of the bloodiest and most intense engagements of the American Revolution at Guilford Courthouse in piedmont North Carolina. Although victorious, Cornwallis's army was so badly damaged that he was forced to retreat to Wilmington to resupply and refit. Declaring the conquest of the Carolinas to be impossible, Cornwallis made the fateful decision to march into Virginia, eventually leading his army to surrender at Yorktown, clearing the way for American independence."
--Lawrence E. Babits & Joshua B. Howard,
"Long, Obstinate , and Bloody, the Battle of Guilford Courthouse"

Our lives as Americans are unprecedented in human history--from these early beginnings to our post 911 era. May we never take our freedoms or life styles for granted, as many patriots and ancestors have paid a heavy price on our behalf.

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