Thursday, March 25, 2010


Springtime Harbinger, Jamestown, NC

Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. But all creation that is composed of matter is constantly being created and destroyed as we go through life. Day is created with each sunrise and destroyed with each glorious golden sunset. Spring arrives with the hope of new birth everywhere in nature to be followed with falling leaves and fallow winter fields. Human Beings are born to the great joy of new parents and then they are mourned with their inevitable passing. There is a delicate balance in the universe with equal parts of positive and negative energy moving throughout everything. All of human existence as we know it has been created and scripture tells us that it will all be destroyed on the Last Day. But even that catastrophic event will be heralded by a final creation of a new order and a restored spiritual existence void of the negatives that once prevailed. Both creation and destruction will apparently cease and that which exists will be sufficient for a timeless eternity.

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