Saturday, March 13, 2010


Dallas, Chicago, IL

I took this photo from a distance with my telephoto lens after placing a few bucks in the cup which Dallas had placed at his feet. I had noticed the hand written sign he displayed to solicit my money. "I'm not a bad guy, but I will be honest, I've made a lot of bad decisions." I appreciated his candor. At least he wasn't cursing the world in general and blaming everyone but himself for his present life circumstance. Every day, in every way, we face endless decision paths on our journey that allow us to turn right or left, choose good or not so good. At least Dallas seems to be honest with himself. He seems to be aware that his current situation that has resulted in begging for money on the streets of downtown Chicago is due in part to choosing some wrong forks in the road. It would be easy to condemn Dallas, but yet we all stumble off the path of life on occasion, and there but for the grace of God go I.............Thank God for His priceless grace and the sacrifice of his Son that enabled forgiveness of anything we genuinely repent. Mainly, those free will decisions that don't end well. He isn't looking for a relationship with a gaggle of bobble heads, but one in which we human beings have the free will to choose our path.

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