Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Open Air Market, London, England

The fruit of silence is prayer. (Possibly in a garden)
The fruit of prayer is faith. (Faith that he is with us now)
The fruit of faith is love. (Loving God and others)
The fruit of love is service. (Making a difference)
The fruit of service is peace. (No burnout)

--Mother Teresa's creed

Jesus left us with a guide for living and coping in a broken world which was to love God to sustain yourself, and love others to help sustain them and foster peace in the world. One of our former ministers taught that being a committed Christian involves a commitment to daily prayer, active study, and dedicated service. These actions can all foster a lasting relationship with God.

It occurred to me that we can also spend six days a week “getting knots in our rope” and then expect to spend an hour or so on Sundays to straighten things out. But if we live each day in the presence of God, we can be fruitful and keep the ropes in our lives untangled.

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