Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Chicago River Rainbow--Chicago, IL

"You can't step twice into the same river."

Heraclitus recognized ages ago that the only constant in life is change. The universe around us is in constant change and every sunrise heralds a new creation. Learning to embrace change and go with the flow circumvents a lot of heartache. We are constantly learning and growing and developing the character that shapes our eternal soul--the one unique essence that transcends this life into the next. And the shape of every soul has the potential to be as ethereal and beautiful as the colors of a rainbow that are refracted from the seemingly translucent light that surrounds us throughout our lifetime. And during the flow of that lifetime, both we and the river are never the same from one present moment to the next. Honoring the source of that life flow enables us to navigate the rivers of change successfully.

Embracing change instead of resisting it makes life infinitely easier sledding. Change is good, heralds new growth and opportunity, strengthens us and our position in life, and can open doors to sucess and enrichment. I've always liked the ancient Chineese symbol that represents both chaos and opportunity, for there is indeed opportunity in every occasion that others see as disaster.

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