Wednesday, May 22, 2013


New Creation, Wrightsville Beach, NC

I guess it’s safe to say that over the span of human history there have literally been billions of people created into this world. I believe one of the primary attributes of the God I have come to know is that God loves to create. Every sunrise, every blooming flower, every birth is a new creation. The basic building blocks of star dust were created at the Big Bang when both contemporary scientists and the Bible inform us that the universe instantaneously came into existence. That star dust is always being recycled into another new creation as the circle of life continues to evolve. Hopefully, better models are being adapted to their environment and intellectual growth.

A number like even one billion seems overwhelming to most of us humans. Yet, I suppose there are billions of uniquely created snowflakes that swirl from the heavens during every big snowstorm. And to a God that created the billions of stars in just our universe alone among potentially billions of others, the number of human beings ever created must still be quite unique from His perspective. It’s been said that if you can’t comprehend this possibility, your concept of God simply isn’t big enough!

So, no one should ever linger too long on the thought that their life doesn’t matter, or make a difference, or that it isn’t cherished by our creator. Life is a one-time unique gift that should be opened and experienced at the first light of every new creation!

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