Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Human Connectedness, Chicago, IL

The CEO of Qualcom recently stated that by 2020 there would be as many as 24 billion mobile smart devices capable of Internet connectedness around the world. These affordable devices not only provide access to unlimited information but unlimited human beings via social media app’s. Personal computers were revolutionary, but these new devices are much more personal and mobile.

One of the “end times” signs that I’ve read about includes a universal language that unites all humanity. Well, there are now app’s beginning to appear that can automatically translate one language into another as texts are being sent to one another. And now we have the accessibility and affordability of new devices capable of utilizing them. It would seem that the “Kingdom of God” on earth that Jesus’ envisioned did not include man made kingdom boundaries on maps and extensive physical obstructions like oceans and mountains. No one living in ancient times could have imagined such a uniting device or virtual possibility, but they could image such a concept.

A “Kingdom of God” on earth as opposed to a planet of competitors and enemies was a central theme of Jesus’ teaching. It was present in his ministry—his teaching, his acts of compassion and his miracles and there are over 100 occurrences of this phrase in the Gospels. Of course, this confused the Pharisees that Jesus encountered because they were expecting a mighty kingdom in Israel with a warrior king who would defeat the ruling Romans. They were not expecting this kind of kingdom. However, can you just imagine what a wonderfully different world this would be if we could actually attain this virtual vision?

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