Saturday, May 25, 2013


Comforting Word, London, England

We human beings like to be in control. Actually, we have this surviving DNA that’s been passed along our family tree branches for centuries which instinctively drives us to control everything in life to assure our survival. When a serious issue presents itself or we’re confronted with a life or death situation, we fight for control and survival! God entrusted us with this priceless gift of life and expects us to live it to the fullest. There’s no way he would be satisfied with us if we squandered it by abusing and neglecting our minds and bodies.

That’s all easy to say, but sometimes the storms of life can beat us down pretty hard. We can encounter periods of extreme anxiety between the calm centers of the hurricanes that can be almost debilitating. That anxiousness keeps us alert, sometime to a fault, and keeps us awake in the dark hours of the night. Have faith--that internally wired DNA is what kept our ancestors from being eaten alive by the saber tooth tigers pacing at the mouth of their cave! But there is peace to be found with a foundation of faith in an eternal comforting power.

Sometimes anxiety can lead us to comfort foods like ice cream, but there are comfort words that can be much more therapeutic. The twenty third Psalm would seem to be the standard for comfort words in this world—yes, though I walk through the valley of darkness at times, I have nothing to fear for my God is with me. Paul found this profound peace deep within a Roman prison as he wrote to the Philippians in chapter four. He counsels us to: be glad that the Lord has promised to be with us always; relinquish control and turn over those issues that are beyond our control to him in prayers for strength, healing, and an incomprehensible peace that comes over us to calm our anxiety; focus our thoughts on positive aspects of our day or life along with going to a peaceful place in the calm center of our mind; and learn to be content with our present circumstance while invoking our survival DNA to strive for better circumstances. This sage advice has survived the shifting sands of time because of the powerful wisdom and positive effect it has had on countless human beings who have walked through the valleys of darkness, navigated the storms of life and triumphantly emerged on the other side.

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