Monday, June 4, 2012


Rainbow Room, New York
Manhattan, New York
Empire State Pigeons, New York
Lookin' Down, New York
MOMA, New York
Times Square, New York
Central Park Artist, New York
Central Park Art, New York
Juxtaposed Architecture, New York
Sidewalk Musician, New York
Ground Zero Cross, New York
Never Forget, New York

For me, Frank Sinatra will always represent the attitude of New York with his classic hit of the same name. We found that resolve very much apparent on a visit there three years after the Twin Towers were destroyed along with the 3,000 innocent spirits within them. If you can make there, you can make it anywhere, and the city that never sleeps will never forget 9/11 nor will the rest of the world. And we must never lose sight of the simple prayer one determined person left written on the fence surrounding the hallowed area of Ground Zero for their souls to rest in peace.

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