Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Buckingham Palace Gate, London

A recent review positioned Acura’s new entry car as their “gateway” model to entice younger buyers into the brand with a lower price. The expectation is that as their incomes increase, so will their buying power and interest in moving up to more expensive models. It occurred to me that we encounter a variety of gateways that provide access to enhanced experiences all of our lives—some considered either good or bad for us.

When dieting, the temptation of ordering a simple tart can be a gateway to cheesecake and crashing the program. An avowed lifetime alcoholic always considers one small beer as the gateway to a thousand. But there are also many positive gateways to encounter on our life’s journey as well. Seeking a higher education or highly technical job skills can ultimately be the gateway to a lifetime of increased earnings and standard of living. Dedicating oneself to a sport or personal activity can be the gateway to a lifetime of pleasurable experiences, stress reduction and meeting interesting people. And of course, taking the time to understand both ourselves and our creator in the great scheme of this earthly existence opens the gateway to a more joyful mortal life and a rewarding eternal life.

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