Sunday, June 3, 2012


Buckingham Red Head, London
Door Knob, London
Tower School Girls, London
Tower X-Men, London
Book Mark, London
Underground, London
World Cup Soccer, London
Eye on Thames, London
White Swan, London
Harrods, London
Buckingham Gate, London
Juxtaposed Buckingham Wheels, London
Juxtaposed Buckingham Wings, London
Juxtaposed Architecture, London

Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating the sixtieth diamond jubilee year of her British Monarchy reign in 2012 which pretty well covers all of my adult life. I’ve witnessed her attending state affairs with every United States president that I have known. This Sunday’s jubilation included a flotilla of up to 1,000 boats on the legendary Thames River that snakes through the capital city of London. That prompted me to go through my images which I captured on a 2006 visit to this historic and vibrant world center to find a few out-of-the-ordinary impressions from the streets.

Part of the character of London we discovered is how well both the historical and contemporary worlds coexist. I've never known a city by arriving at the airport on a business trip, checking into a hotel, being taxied to a corporate office, and then flying home. You have to walk the streets for at least a few days to really know the people and the place in that particular corner of the world.

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