Saturday, June 2, 2012


Blue Haze, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
GPS, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
Cycling, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
Cruising, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
Sundown, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

It’s been said that perhaps we are always a little uneasy in this life because deep down among the strands of our common DNA is the memory that our true home is actually not here but elsewhere. And when we die to this earthly, mortal life we are transitioned or reborn into our destined spiritual life with the essence of the soul we have developed on our “recalculated” journey. It’s like driving along a route calculated by our trusty GPS device. We come to a realization that we need to redirect our life and we change direction. In spite of that little voice sternly admonishing us to turn the other way, we set a new course and leave it frantically acquiescing with the now all too familiar refrain, “recalculating, recalculating”! And we can easily silence the chatter with one simple final command, “Go home”.

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