Sunday, July 28, 2013


After the Storm, Carolina Beach, NC

Mark records a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee with Jesus and his disciples in the fourth chapter of his book. A great storm overcomes them while Mark reports that Jesus sleeps on a cushion in the stern. Timothy Keller notes in his book “Jesus the King” that “one of the marks of an eyewitness account is ‘irrelevant detail’--eyewitnesses record many details simply because they remember them”. This account not only validates the story as nonfiction, but validates Jesus’s power over nature when he is awakened and simply says, “Quiet! Be still!” The winds died down and although the waves remain strong for some time after a storm passes, the sea was dead calm as well.

When the disciples woke Jesus they asked him if he cared if they drowned. But he doesn’t promise any easier life for his followers than anybody else. He just promises to walk with you at all times and meet you on the other side. And that promise will provide the peace of mind that can calm the wind and waves for a purposeful voyage.

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