Sunday, July 14, 2013


Equilateral, Internet Domain

In Euclidean geometry, the equilateral triangle has all three sides equal with all three internal angles equal and congruent to each other. Among all the world’s religions, Christianity is the only faith that teaches that God is one being that exists as three; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each being in this Trinity delights in and glorifies the other. This Triumvirate has related to each other for all eternity. When the Son was challenged by the religious leaders of the time regarding which of all the commandments and laws was the greatest, he simply responded that we should love God and others, i.e., we should be relational. After all, we were created in God’s image so we should expect parallels in our being. We aren’t here simply as a part of God’s creation, but to share in creating while relating to our creator.

Self-giving or other-centered love versus self-centeredness is at the center of our universe. To be in touch with this universe, Jesus taught that we must lose ourselves in service to find ourselves. When we’re immersed in ourselves, we find that life becomes rather purposeless and futile. A good test to find the cure is to reach out to someone that we can help in some way. It’s amazing how quickly the focus on ourselves dissipates as we share something of ourselves for another fellow journeyman. And a joy of living enters our life to replace the unsatisfying pursuit of happiness through materialism, worldly power and recognition. This model for joyous living was revealed through the Son whose ultimate self-giving sacrifice was for the benefit of all mankind.

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