Thursday, July 11, 2013


Monet Water Lilies, Chicago, IL

It’s been observed that the underlying beauty to be found in this world is a testament for the existence of the Divine Mind that created it. From a personal perspective, the very uplifting observations we ourselves experience gives us a sense that life is not meaningless and there is purpose, organization, and something to trust in this reality. These “aha” moments can be found in the silence of a Midwestern sunrise over the rolling inland sea of tall prairie grasses, the straight line view of a brilliant sunset that illuminates covering clouds on the horizon of a vast ocean, the captivating music of a composer that was gifted with the ability to follow every note with the only possible note that could lift your spirit, the emotive choice of a word picture that absolutely describes a life changing revelation or the metered words of timeless poetry, the precise brush strokes that could hold your gaze for an eternity with the exact composition and color that perfectly suits your eye, the complex and mysterious spiraling DNA strands now seen via microbiology, or the infinite, expanding universe viewed through a deep space telescope that enables us to comprehend the extraordinary depth and precise balance of all matter.

Not everything in this present broken world is beautiful. But we see in life what we look for and we can work to see the inner beauty of many and improve the blighted landscape of our circle of influence. And glimpses of great art and beauty that we intuitively recognize when it enters our consciousness lights the path to creating a better world. It affirms a greater power in this existence and confirms that eternal truth and love will prevail in a beautiful, restored spiritual life that has been created for all of us.

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