Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Healing Energy, Flint Hills, KS

The good doctor Luke tells the story in the eighth chapter of his book about a woman that had been bleeding for twelve years. This condition rendered her untouchable in Jesus’ time on earth. As he was making his way through all the people crowding around him and his disciples, the woman desperately reached out and touched the hem of his cloak. Her bleeding stopped at once and Jesus asked “Who touched me”? When everyone denied it, his disciples responded as we would have expected and pointed out that the crowds were surrounding and pressing in on them. But Jesus wanted to make the point that “Someone touched me. I know that power has gone out from me”.

When the woman finally came trembling to Jesus, she explained why she had touched him and how she had been immediately healed. Jesus used the occasion as another teaching moment and proclaimed to all those around him that her faith had healed her. I’ve always found it interesting that it is obvious that Jesus did not come to restore our broken world at this time. Hundreds if not thousands of people were left with their infirmities and terminal illness as he walked among them in the holy land. He seldom interfered with the natural laws and tragedies of the time, as his mission was to secure all mankind’s forgiveness so that all could later participate in a restored life in a new earth and a new heaven.

Healing does occur in this lifetime, but it is not assured. Jesus is quick to note that it was not his magical cloak that healed the woman but her faith. And it’s interesting to consider that Jesus acknowledged when the woman’s silent prayer for healing was heard and answered, discernable power went out from him. God’s healing energy can restore our body, soul and spirit if we only ask. A multitude of healing occasions occur during our lifetime and has been assured in the next. I’ve watched with a childlike wonder as the eight inch wound spanning my knee joint replacement has miraculously healed over into a faint character line highlighted by the sun’s rays. It’s been said that “when you get to the end of your rope, grab onto the hem of His cloak”. And feel the power!

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