Sunday, June 30, 2013


Rain Drops, Jamestown, NC

The days last light is retiring over the horizon. Darkness settles in with the gentle sounds of a light rain on the windowsill and windowpanes next to the fireplace by my recliner. The rain drops against the window are neither threatening nor intrusive. Rather, they patiently and randomly create intermittent music for the soul that prompts me to disengage all electronic distractions that spoil the moment. Obvious squall lines are moving through the area marked by times of light rain showers and quiet interludes. It is a time of peace and restfulness that begs to be indulged with a good book and a civilized glass of wine. These occasions are few and far between in the grand scheme of life, so it’s good to savor the experience.

Although the weather is wet and raw outside, the atmosphere on the inside of my sheltered home is one of pleasant appreciation for God’s goodness on this damp summer’s evening. And as the cloak of drowsiness is slowly gathered round, there’s no better lulling music to begin a restful night’s slumber than gentle rain drops outside my window—we’ll all sleep soundly tonight.

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