Thursday, June 27, 2013


Raw Beauty, Jamestown, NC
Abstract Beauty, Jamestown, NC

Isn't it interesting how something out of the ordinary can be beautiful to some folks and repulsive to others? I took this image of an ordinary daylily and then applied extreme color saturation and exposure to create this totally abstract image of the same flower. I think this image has a fluorescent beauty all of its own, but I suppose there may be those who consider it repulsive. The old adage that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” has certainly stood the test of time.

A friend recently posted an image on Facebook of a beautiful young woman with a marvelous smile. When I first viewed the image, my focus was immediately drawn to her bright demeanor and that winning smile of hers. It was only after my mind processed that image that I finally noticed that she had lost both her hands and feet. The day she lost her limbs had to be a very repulsive scene, but the glow of her inner beauty most certainly has sustained her throughout her personal tragedy. When Mother Teresa was asked how she could possibly continue to treat what many would consider society’s more repulsive people left to die on the streets of Calcutta, her response was immediate and revealing. She simply stated that she saw Jesus in every one of them. She had conditioned herself to compassionately look past the uncommon and see the inner beauty, no matter how abstract their image had become in their suffering. Many would characterize both her mission and that of Jesus as extreme compassion.

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