Saturday, August 11, 2012


Cover of Travelogue, Jamestown, NC

I've been encouraged to publish some of my blogs and images for the general public in the past, but I've never found an economical medium and do not want to personally profit from my creations. But I did recently find that I can publish e-books for $2.99 and I will donate any proceeds to outreach missions. So, here's a link to preview my new book and the first 24 pages:


I’ve spent a reasonable amount of adventure time on “planes, trains and automobiles” traveling to various parts of the planet. And I’ve walked urban streets and rural trails that have “grounded” me with a sense of knowing the cities and lands. I’ve found that this is the only way to genuinely get a feeling for both the place and the people that inhabit it. You need to mingle with the local populace, enter the indigenous shops and look around, dine at the locally owned restaurants and visit the noteworthy landmarks that come to define an area. Once you expend the time to breathe the air, share a meal, experience a work of art or natural wonder and walk the streets together you begin to gain an intuitive understanding of these people and this corner of the world we all share as one human family. That place can be as exotic as around some of the world’s major cities such as the Palace of Versailles outside Paris, the Tower of London, Ground Zero in New York City, Chicago’s Millennium Park, the central Kansas Tall Grass Prairie, cascading waterfalls in the North Carolina Nantahala Forest, Blue Ridge Mountain trails, Atlantic coast beaches and my very own backyard. These niches in God’s good creation have been the primary stomping grounds of my recent photographic life and yielded some of my favorite images.

I didn’t always have a good digital camera with me on these excursions and many of my trips as an actively employed road warrior were for business. But once you start a life of photography as a pastime, I know that I began to always keep a keen eye out for the unusual “lucky moments” that are all around us. A few of the images in this book may be standard fare for photographing notable landmarks, but I sought to both shoot and print images that won’t be found on a quick internet search. For instance, when I photograph art in a museum without a flash, I try to see just a section that will create a completely different view of the piece. And it was a fun exercise to juxtapose both the urban and rural worlds we journey through all of our lives.


I've never stayed at the Rainbow Motel below, but many similar ones!

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