Sunday, August 5, 2012


Four Horseshoes, Jamestown, NC

The crusty old cowboy had a reputation around the county that he was very prideful and could never admit to ever being wrong about anything. The town blacksmith knew this all too well when he saw him wandering into his barn. He had just finished hammering out another horseshoe and tossing it into a box of sawdust to let it cool down. The sun weathered cowboy entered and reached down to pick up the horseshoe. Upon immediately noticing that the hot shoe was burning his hand, he quickly tossed the shoe back into the box. The blacksmith slowly looked up from his work and quizzically asked, “Too hot for ya”? “Naa”, shot back the old cowboy, “it don’t take me too long to look at a horseshoe”!

The words of Micah 6:8 inform us that God would like us to walk humbly with him. But this world teaches just the opposite. Unfortunately, the old saying that pride goes before the fall is all too true. Once we get too full of ourselves we begin to believe in our prowess and superiority. We gather our prized athletes and raise them up on platforms and adorn their necks with gold and silver medals. That’s the example we parade before all the people. And it is good to work hard to excel in life. We’ve just got to be conscious that we’re not gods and remain aware of our humanity with some humility. And once we cross out the “i” in our life, we’re left with the cross (t). We become less self-centered and more God-centered for others.

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