Friday, August 10, 2012


Rainbow Colors, Chicago, IL
Rainbow Motel, Greensboro, NC

One of the common threads woven into the accounts of near death experiences which I’ve studied is the sighting of images colored like rainbows and other colors that are beyond human imagination or experience. In the fourth chapter of the book of Revelation, the apostle John writes about a vision while in the spirit. He describes colors like jasper, carnelian, gold; a sea of crystal glass and a rainbow resembling an emerald. When you think about it, if a mere human has a spiritual vision that is beyond our present worldly experience and the capability of our eyesight, when writing about it we could only compare that to something we have seen in the world around us. Human eyesight and the ability to view our environment in colors are extraordinary. The cones in our eyes facilitate the ability to see in color, although some folks are color blind. There are 4.5 million of these photoreceptor cells in the retina. Some folks dream in color and there are some who only dream in black and white. Cats and dogs do not have as many cones in their eyes, so they do not see primary colors like red and green, but scientists have determined that they can perceive blue and yellow. As magnificent as our human bodies with their integrated systems can be, there are limits on what we are able to perceive through our six senses.

It’s been said that if we want a glimpse of the spiritual bodies we will receive in the next spiritual life, we need to look no farther than the resurrected body of Jesus. He could be recognized, but not readily. He appeared inside the disciples’ locked room. He ate bread and fish with them at the sea shore. I don’t consider it much of a stretch to consider that our sense of sight might be greatly enhanced. Perhaps that accounts for the exquisite colors that defy description for those who have had spiritual visions as they try to relate them after returning to this mortal life. When Jesus talked of His father’s house with many rooms, it quite probably is not a gigantic Rainbow Motel where the “Vacancy” sign is always lit. But perhaps He was referring to that vast infinite space of spiritual consciousness somewhere over the rainbow. And our spiritual bodies will quite possibly be informed with senses to perceive this new world around us that have enhanced capabilities far beyond anything we could ever imagine!

FYI FOOTNOTE Dated 8/17/12:

Today's newspaper has a short article relating that the boyfriend of a young 24 year old stabbed her to death and also stabbed her sister and mother yesterday at the Rainbow Motel which I photographed last week, so I'm now pretty certain that is definitely NOT where heaven resides!

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