Saturday, May 26, 2012


Road Trip, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

There’s nothing like a weekend road trip with no place to go and no time to be there. Getting by in this world normally requires a certain amount of organization and planning along with a certain amount of multi-tasking for survival. So the freedom of time is a priceless commodity to be savored and spent wisely. We normally leave our assigned parking spaces each morning and set off for a round of destinations and deadlines. It’s such a beautiful release of the human spirit to simply fire up any mode of transport available and randomly turn to the left or right for any unspecified amount of time while aimlessly cruising through the landscape. The scene can be urban or rural or generally some combination of visual frames passing by with the measured movement of celluloid escapism. The process converts ancient organic matter into speed and carbon dioxide which is a key ingredient for the creation of more organic matter. And when the thrill is gone, you only have to punch “go home” on the GPS to journey back into reality.

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