Thursday, May 17, 2012


Green Cathedral, Greensboro, NC

The philosophy of Holistic healthcare involves treating the whole person, both the physical and spiritual, and it helped sustain both my wife and me through her fight with breast cancer. The same philosophy applies to the art of holistic living. We need a balance for our work life, our family life and our spiritual life. I read years ago about an ancient order of monks that maintained a garden at their monastery. They always had a practice of planting one row of vegetables and then one row of flowers. They took a holistic view of life and devoutly believed that they needed to focus as much on their spiritual well being as they did on maintaining their physical health. They knew quality of life depended as much on food for the soul as food for the body. Our community parks scattered throughout our life space provide a vital environment for our holistic well being. They’re a green space amidst the concrete and asphalt that can better enable us humans to commune with our creator and the creation that surrounds us. Walking through the parks enhances our physical well being by connecting us to the good earth and being mindful of the world’s beauty. A church building provides a refuge for worship and fellowship with God and others. And a green space provides a similar refuge that can be even more introspective and personal for worship and meditation.

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