Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Reset, Jamestown, NC

“He discovered his reset button early on and there were not many things that bothered him all the rest of his days just because of that...” --Brian Andreas

Needless to say, Brian Andreas has a very quirky way of seeing and interpreting the world around him and I love his creative perspective on life. Andreas considers the wisdom of his StoryPeople as the fiber of human community and a reflection of the experience of being alive. He says that “it is in the sharing that a greater wisdom evolves. Finally, in a turbulent world, it is easy to lose sight of the small beauties and moments of grace that occur constantly around us. I wanted to give voice to that side of ourselves that recognizes that this is as much a time of renewal as it is a time of decay”.

My home is wired with micro circuit breakers scattered throughout the rooms. I recently walked away from a morning cinnamon raisin bagel in the toaster which became stuck and tripped the reset switch. That little switch possibly saved me the cost of a new toaster, an overloaded electrical circuit and a rude awakening from my fire alarm after the bagel was smoked! I like Brian’s discovery of our own internal reset buttons that can save us a lot of grief during the days of our lives. When the circuits are getting smoked, it’s always a good plan stop the music before the situation goes from overheated to destructive. Or if we’ve been going down a destructive path of our own choosing, it’s always good to know that the power source of God’s grace is sufficient to enable us to stop the destructive energy, hit our reset button and begin a new path to energized renewal.

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