Monday, January 10, 2011


American Flag & Washington Monument, Washington D.C.

I support the notion that all of us Americans need to raise the bar of civil discourse regarding our political disagreements so that we can maintain our basic American freedom to disagree without inciting senseless, extremist reactions.

The vitriolic rhetoric and political ads that fill campaign coffers and boost talk show ratings have consequences. They not only cross the boundary lines of basic human decency, but they inflame the misplaced passion of all the crazies out there whose actions can never be predicted or understood by the rest of us. It prompts a time for serious soul searching, a renewed call for understanding the requisites of this experiment in democracy and ALSO raising our flags from half mast to meet a new day in American history with the resolve to carry the torch of freedom with the same respect demonstrated by the sacrifices of those who have passed it to us.

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