Sunday, January 16, 2011


Carousel, Internet Domain

I like the imagery of being on a circling carousel riding horses that rhythmically move up and down as a metaphor of daily living. All the world’s a stage and we can easily turn into actors that strut and fret our time upon that stage and are heard no more. Seeing the stage of life as a carousel focuses on the rat race which we can easily get caught up in as we move through the seasons of life. Life can morph into a flurry of daily activities that occupy all of our time and stresses us out to the max. There can be periods in those seasons when it is about impossible to get off the carousel, even if we’d like to do it. And there are other times when the speed of the carousel seems to keep accelerating out of control with no end in sight.

But it is at those critical times in our lives that it becomes imperative for self preservation and ultimate peace of mind to jump off the spinning ride and walk over to a quiet bench and simply be still for awhile. It’s important to pause our life and rethink about our purpose in life. It’s important to pause and rethink about what’s important in our life. It’s important to pause and rethink about who’s important in our life. It’s important to stop and rethink about our relationship with our creator.

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