Thursday, January 6, 2011


Flat Santa & No Glow Rudolph, Greensboro, NC
Silent Echo of Children Playing, Greensboro, NC
End of Dry Needle Trail, Greensboro, NC
Deflated Dukie Decoration, Greensboro, NC

Sadly, in our instant credit culture of instant gratification we all too often miss the sweet anticipation of receiving God’s blessings. All we get is a brief moment of exhilaration just before we cut off the price tags and then later receive the statements with interest charges from the dark side.

We’ve come to that inevitable pay the piper time of the New Year when all the air has gone out of our inflatable holiday decorations. Discarded evergreen trees leave a trail of dry needles out to the curb side where they will gather with gay gift wrappings and meet their collective fate in a toxic landfill. Even Rudolph’s nose no longer glows. The motionless empty tire swing surrounded by unlighted reindeer serves only as a reminder of the children’s laughter that now echoes across a distant school yard.

But hopefully, amid this seemingly depressing overcast scene, we are also left with the priceless joy of the past Christmas season and the peace and goodwill that will sustain us throughout the New Year, until we once again enter another Christmas season to recharge our spirit!

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