Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Miramar Beach Sunset I,II,&III, Destin,FL

Ever notice your demeanor after quietly witnessing the spectacular light shows of both a sunrise and a sunset? The circular path of the earth reminds us daily of the even larger dance of the circle of life. The days fly by as we complete one more trip around the sun. As the sun rises in the east our surroundings rapidly brighten as the dawning of a new day marches on. Generally, our outlook and attitude also take on a brightening glow as we bolster ourselves to meet the new day’s opportunities and challenges head on. Then the sun begins its relentless journey across the sky to the western horizon, or so it seems--which is a good reason not to always trust our perspective or intuition, as the sun only appears to move as our planet spins on its axis for another day. And a sunset seems not too surprisingly to leave us with a darkening world that is winding down from the day’s busyness as both our bodies and minds seek the shelter of less stress and anxiety and rest. The storms of life can leave us a bit battered and beat up at the end of the day, but that’s when a firm foundation of faith enables us to just trust in our creator God and resolve that we’ll try again tomorrow.

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