Monday, November 15, 2010


Tracking Shadows, WB, NC
Fencing with Shadows, WB, NC
Snow Fence Shadows, WB, NC
Me and My Shadow, WB, NC

We coexist with shadows all of our lives. They appear anytime a light source is directed upon a solid object. Spiritual beings don’t appear to cast a shadow due to their ethereal nature and our general inability to perceive them. On those rare occasions when they visit human beings, I wonder if they cast a shadow. The longer light rays of early morning or late afternoon create the most pronounced shadows that more readily catch our eye. These longer and darker forms completely change their landscape and then slowly subside like the lowering tides.

I recall reading of an ancient battle that was at its most feverish pitch when a full eclipse of the sun occurred. The combatants quickly dropped their weapons and declared a truce. That was a shadow that really made an impression! Our own personal shadows accompany us everywhere, although they’re generally ignored. But while strolling along the beach away from the rising sun, it’s hard to ignore the darkened profile of our being that walks ahead and easily extends to more than double our height while all the time mimicking our every move.

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