Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Ethereal Radiant Energy, Greensboro, NC

"The true light that gives light to every man..."
--John 1:9

Ironically, I took this photo in a business park on a Monday morning at sunrise over a little pond of cool early springtime water. A fountain in the center of the pond spreads water droplets and vapor over the rippling water and the rising sun's long warm rays are highlighted and diffused through the multitude of airborne micro prisims. As I was shooting, vehicles bearing hurried knowledge workers sped past me with little notice as their occupants rushed to begin another work week. I had only stopped by this little corner of the world once before on a Sunday morning but I'm certain many of these commuters had pased this way many times before. And I may be the only one who has ever witnessed the image in my camera lens that I saw this particular morning. Is it the light of the world manifested in the rising vapors? It is if you believe that it is. God permeates all creation and His light dispels the darkness.

Who knows just how many chances at life we all receive in our lifetimes? Many almost certainly pass without notice or acknowledgement. And generally, if we were given the option at a critical crossroad, we'd probably ask for just one more. But, at some point, there won't be any more. That's when we hope to intuitively see and recognize the true light revealed for all time.

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