Monday, April 5, 2010


Spirit Dance I, Jamestown, NC
Spirit Dance II, Jamestown, NC

It's been noted that if we want to attempt to understand what our risen spiritual bodies will be like in the after life, we should study the risen body of Jesus in the Gospels.

Mary Magdalene was the first one to arrive at the tomb in the garden where they had laid Jesus’ dead body. She saw that the large stone covering the entrance was rolled away. This was not necessary for Jesus to leave the tomb, but so that others could see that he was risen! Mary ran to get Peter and John and they entered the tomb to find the grave clothes were left in the shape of a cocoon, as if Jesus had passed right through them. The headpiece was still rolled up in the shape of a head. This was no act of a grave robber.

Jesus later appeared to his disciples who were gathered in a locked room and also shared a meal of fish and bread. I believe there may quite possibly be a correlation in this resurrected body and the revelations in my blog on "The Universal Community". We now understand that there are no boundaries at the basic subatomic level of the universe. Everything around and within us consists of atoms and molecules vibrating in mostly space. Our bodies eventually return to the dust from which God crafted Adam before he breathed life into him. But our resurrected bodies will not only be eternal and pain free, but seemingly crafted from universal molecules that defy boundaries while occupied by the final iteration of our soul.

A brain scientist recently experienced a serious stroke that incapacitated her left hemisphere where the orientation association cortex resides. This area of the brain controls our ability to discern physical boundaries, time and space. Her perception of her physical boundaries was no longer limited to where her skin met air. She perceived herself not as a separate entity, but as a fluid connected to a boundless eternal flow of dynamic energy. She perceived a natural order of the universe consisting of a delicate cosmic dance of particles in soft vibration.

C. S. Lewis profoundly observed, "Something perfectly new in the universe had happened—Christ had defeated death. A completely new mode of being arose in the universe—as new as the first coming of organic life. And we recorded that the human personality survives death."

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