Thursday, April 8, 2010


Wisteria Fence, Jamestown, NC
Wisteria Entwined on Fence, Jamestown, NC

Actor as Fuji Musume, by Tadamasa Ueno

Fuji Musume or Wisteria Maiden is a famous classical dance from the Japanese Kabuki theater. The dance conveys the spirit of the wistera as a fashionable young girl wearing a long sleeved kimono, called a Nagasode, and a sash, or obi, with a wisteria pattern woven into the fabric. She also carries a wisteria branch.

The nagauta or song lyrics that accompany the dance are complex and create a series of suggestive images. They make sensual references to the closeness of the wisteria to that which supports its entwined stems, compared to two lovers sleeping together.

The dance then moves through stages of the relationship including the initial joy of a girl in love, then the heartbreak of jealousy and betrayal. All inspired by the springtime arrival of the delicate light blue wisteria vine wildly entwined in nature.

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