Monday, July 13, 2015


Boot Sale, Jamestown, NC

I’m sure we’ve all seen the “Spring into Savings”, “Fall into Fashion”, “Holly Jolly Holiday Sale”, “Buy One, Get One Free (just pay shipping and handling)” advertisements on television and in all the print media. But what exactly is a “Blow Out Sale” anyway? There’s currently a local furniture company that’s having a “Blow Out Sale” being blown all over my television screens lately. The audible sound goes up about five hundred decibels when the ad plays, which is enough to shatter crystal, shut down my refrigerator in another part of the house, set off all my smoke detectors, raise both automatic garage doors, and trigger neighboring dogs to begin barking and howling for hours.

Perhaps that’s what it’s all about. When the ads hit the airwaves, all the remaining televisions that have not been replaced by flat screens blow out their tubes. I know that you can inflate a football (or deflate one) and an inner tube with enough hot air that they ultimately will blow out. And then there’s those infamous preseason sports games where teams are blown out by a more dominant team whose hall of fame bound coach is feathering his win-loss nest.

But what’s a “Blow Out Sale” for couches and kitchen tables all about? I can only imagine that once you've become curious enough to venture into this store and an aggressive salesperson on commission gets his talons into your wallet, your bank account immediately implodes and blows out your credit rating for the next millennia. That’ll blow your mind out!

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