Thursday, July 23, 2015


Organic Liquid Grapes, Wrightsville Beach, NC

I just experienced another one of those awkward moments in life where even spell check has no idea what word I was trying to type. And of course the simple solution in order to move on with my life is to choose a synonym—a word you can spell that sort of means the same thing as a word you will never be able to spell! For instance, I always seem to have trouble with restrant, so I frequently eat at a diner. There's hope on the internet though for all of our bass-ackward spelling attempts at a site called:

Actually, it’s very liberating to open up about my shortcummings and your what you eat with the exception of bananas which I now suspect I only buy so that I can watch them die a slow death in my kitchen. So I’ve decideded to eat more organic food and plant a garden as soon as I can locate some of those elusive bacon seeds. And I’ve resolved to eat more fresh salads like fruit salads. Mostly grapes, fermented grapes. OK, I’m having wine for dinner tonight since we're being transparent.

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