Saturday, June 13, 2015


West Bank Market, Palestine
Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem
Street Hawkers, Kidron Valley

I’ve returned from many business trips around the country where people would ask me how I liked the city I had just visited. And many times I would have to simply reply that I had frankly only experienced an airport terminal, a taxi, a hotel and a business office. With the exception of extended business trips abroad and in the United States, I really never had time to get acquainted with a city or an area unless I had the time to walk the streets, browse the shops and talk to the locals. Travelling on personal time to a city of your choice is the best way to become familiar with a location and its people.

Many folks asked me upon our return from Israel if I had felt safe in this unsettled country. My reply was that the ubiquitous presence of security wherever we traveled gave me much more of a sense of safety than other countries where I ventured such as Mexico and Honduras. And as with travel anywhere, it’s always a good idea to be constantly aware of your surroundings and not venture into unsafe territory. The uncertainty of life keeps it interesting and adventurous.

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