Saturday, June 6, 2015


Coupon, Jamestown, NC


I went to CVS pharmacy this morning armed with a “Save $6.00 off $30 Purchase” coupon. That’s another way of saying you get no more than 20% off! After all, who among us can resist a deal and besides, I didn't want to get the marketing manager fired who needs to pay off a six figure student loan. Comedian Ron White likes to call these “coopens” which actually seems more appropriate for some reason.

I just needed a few items, so I added a few more I didn’t need to jack my total past $30 and lower my final discount percentage. The cashier and I exchanged pleasantries and he asked to scan my CVS card while we solved the world’s problems in less than 60 seconds.

It was only when I returned home and emptied my pockets that I discovered I still had the "coopen"-------just another day in senior paradise. Maybe that's why they're called "coopens", because you never end up using them. They stay cooped up in your pocket!

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