Saturday, April 27, 2013


Torch Bearers Save Man Who Lost Both Legs, AP

Plato has written that the souls of people on their way to earth life pass through a room full of lights. Most receive a taper to guide them in the dim country of this world. A chosen few receive a torch. These are the poets, seers and saints who lead and lift the race out of darkness toward the light. They are the law-givers, way-showers, truth-tellers, grace-givers and life-savers. Without them humanity would lose its way in the dark.

I guess he missed the room where candle snuffers were also being issued. It’s dark enough in this existence without experiencing those who are law-breakers, dead-enders, lie-tellers, hate-givers and life-takers. Many of these extremists operate under the guise of some religion. Their lives ease out of the light so far that their soul devolves into permanent darkness. They consciously seek to turn out the bright lights of humanity and cast the world into a chaotic existence apart from the presence of our Creator.

Fortunately, we still have torch bearers among us. And we have the assurance that God’s Son has power over the dark side and will ultimately persevere. In the meantime, the torch bearers appear in the middle of the most catastrophic events and can be seen running towards the cowardly bombing carnage and walking up the stairs of the World Trade Center while others run the other way.

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