Monday, March 18, 2013


The Light, Miramar, FL

Many of the world’s religions have many things in common. But Christianity has a couple of beliefs that uniquely set it apart. The first is God’s priceless grace that flows to all believers who humbly and sincerely ask for it. God’s grace forgives all sins in repentance, albeit with the consequences that accompany all sin. The second is the extraordinary gift of the god we worship dwelling within us. Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God and the Light is within us. We simply have to invoke the power source to switch it on. When Jesus ascended to be with his heavenly father, he promised his disciples that he would send a comforter to guide them in his absence to be with them always. This form of the holy trinity is part of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Isaiah tells us that the faith that is begun in darkness is grown in the Light. And the Light will always chase away the darkness, but not the reverse.

May our Creator bless you with grace, presence, love and light to guide your path this new day.

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