Saturday, March 23, 2013


Snowy Lenton Rose, Jamestown, NC

For some reason, I still remember a quote from a television western after a bloody shootout on the dusty main street of an old weathered cowboy town. The sheriff was the last man standing as his deputy approached bemoaning the sad fate of those lying dead in the street. “Well”, the calloused old sheriff dryly remarked, “One man’s problem is another man’s opportunity. The undertaker now has a windfall of new business”!

As we turned over our calendars to the first full day of spring this week, the weather outside for most of the country was anything but spring like. A trough of arctic cold air has enveloped much of the country as the jet stream dipped far south, bringing icy conditions and hard freezes. Newly planted pansies have fallen over in response and the budding maple trees have abruptly stopped their leaves from opening in a desperate move to save them from certain destruction. The skies are overcast and depressing as the north winds add to the chill factor and rapidly penetrate your skin in a bone chilling second!

The prolonged wintery weather has now prompted an Ohio prosecutor to indict Pennsylvania’s infamous Punxsutawney Phil for fraud after he predicted an early spring by not seeing his shadow! But for me, all this icy grief is perfect. I’m in the rehabilitation stage of a total knee replacement. I love to get outside at the heralding of the first robin’s song and dig in the dirt. But I can’t effectively do that right now, which accounts for the elective timing of my surgery. March Madness is in the air and I love college basketball. March Madness is at its best when the north winds are howling and you can nestle into your favorite chair with some appropriate snacks and go channel surfing for all the games that are simultaneously in action all around the country. There’s no temptation to venture outside for competing warm spring weather activities if the wind chill outside is below zero. That may be a problem for some folks in Ohio, but not for me--One man’s problem……

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