Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Cloud Burst, Jamestown, NC

It wasn’t raining on that fateful day when God instructed Noah to plan ahead and build a 120 year last chance ark. But then God sent a cataclysmic rainstorm that lasted forty days and forty nights which destroyed all living things with the exception of those aboard the ark. It was a Genesis lesson in being prepared for the storms that inevitably come into our life. Jesus teaches us in the book of Luke that we must prepare our hearts and minds in advance of those storms to weather them effectively. He likens a man who hears his words and puts them into practice as a man who builds his home on solid rock—unlike a man who does not have this solid foundation of trust and faith and builds on sand. When the storm and subsequent flood comes, only the well planned and solidly built house withstands the torrent.

And who better to place your faith in but the one who commands the winds and the water? The same one who calmed the storm winds that were in danger of capsizing his disciples’ boat on the Sea of Galilee. But that trust must be nurtured long before the ominous storm clouds darken the horizon.

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