Sunday, April 8, 2012


Expiring, Jamestown, NC

This Easter Sunday served as another reminder of the life and death of God’s son, Jesus. One particular observation that stood out this season was that the miracles he performed were all demonstrations of his divine ability to restore the world to its original perfection. There were examples of restoring sight over blindness; hearing over deafness; health over disease and afflictions; calm over the storm; plenty over hunger; love over evil; wellness over insanity; wholeness over brokenness; and finally the greatest of all miracles was restoring life over death as demonstrated with a widow’s son, his friend Lazarus and finally, his own resurrection on Easter morning over two thousand years ago today. The prominent Christian writer C. S. Lewis has noted that Christianity would have drifted into the historical sands of time, but for that final miracle.

The popular country singer and song writer Kenny Chesney recently penned lyrics that lament “everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to go now!” And although we all share a common destiny, we don’t walk around with expiration dates tattooed on our foreheads like many of the packaged foods we purchase. Nobody knows the day or the hour, but when the time arrives, we all have the hope of Easter so that we can be witnesses to a complete restoration of a new heaven and earth.

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