Sunday, March 25, 2012


Escort, Jamestown, NC
Holy Ground, Greensboro, NC

In the book, Glimpses of Heaven, written by Trudy Harris, RN, the former Hospice nurse shares one of her end of life experiences about an elderly man who lived alone. When she entered the room he told her “There’s an angel at my window, Trudy”. Trudy recalls “I explained to him that God was preparing to take him home very soon, and He was letting him have a glimpse of heaven before going in. He smiled knowingly, nodding his head in agreement and seemed totally at peace with that thought. I promised to stay with him until he was taken there safely by the angel who was watching over him now. Sitting on the floor next to his bed, I held his hand for less than an hour until he died”. She concludes by writing “when many others told me about seeing angels in their rooms, being visited by loved ones who had died before them, or hearing beautiful choirs or smelling fragrant flowers when there were none around, I assumed it was the result of the medications they were taking or possibly dehydration. But when others who were not on medication or dehydrated were saying the same things, I started to listen, really listen…Angels were described as luminescent, music more exquisite than any symphony ever heard and over and over again they mentioned colors that they said were too beautiful to describe…There are so many important lessons people are trying to teach us moments before they die. We had better listen. We are standing on holy ground during these moments.”

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