Sunday, March 11, 2012


Almost Perfect, Jamestown, NC

I recently happened upon a quote from Christopher Hitchens that stated, “Once you assume a creator and a plan, it makes humans objects in a cruel experiment whereby we are created to be sick and commanded to be well”. I’ve got to admit that it’s an intriguing thought. I’m certain that perfection was a possibility right out of the gates, but that obviously was not the plan. We’ve been thrust into an imperfect broken world as imperfect mortal creatures created in God’s image. And we’ve been endowed with the free will to choose our destiny with each encounter of the forks in our daily path of discovery. We have the capacity to use our gift of life for good or bad. And we’ve been given the guidelines to attempt a good life if we chose to use them. That leaves me with the conclusion that although perfection in this life is not attainable for us human beings, our creator must give a lot of credence to the effort. God knows our heart to understand how sincerely we attempt it and provides grace when we do not.

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