Saturday, September 24, 2011


At The Met, New York, NY
Sidewalk Concert, New York, NY
St. Pat's on 5th Ave., New York, NY
Central Park Artist, New York, NY

Many of the business trips in my former life as an actively employed road warrior involved destinations to major cities. And most of those destinations were limited to an airport, hotel room and conference room. Consequently, I never really got the opportunity to know the city. What I did learn on other trips and vacations was that to really know a city, you’ve got to walk the sidewalks and streets. You need to mingle with the local populace, enter the indigenous shops and look around, dine at the locally owned restaurants and sample the foods known to the region, and visit the historical and noteworthy landmarks that come to define the area. Once you spend the time to breathe the air, share a meal, experience a work of art or natural wonder and walk the streets together you begin to gain an intuitive understanding of these people and this corner of the world we all share as one human family.

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