Sunday, September 11, 2011


Donald Ross Kingdom, Ashville, NC

A golf course is composed of numerous green spaces surrounded by sand and water and pine trees connected by small asphalt trails which we seldom use due to their close proximity to the short cut grasses in what's called fairways of life where we seldom play anyway culminating in a grill room where we democratically redistribute socks full of dimes at the end of the Pete Dye Utopian quest journey and grasp the holy grail of beers and chili dogs and beers to commemorate the sacrifice of triple layered orbs carried back from the Crusades by the Knights Pinehurst and originally sacrificed by the Ancient Order of Druids at Stonehenge and which we somberly dispatch with implements ill constructed for the purpose to the water and forest gods that rule the area primarily inhabited by unseen tree monkeys that will occasionally grant us favor and toss the bright white and yellow orbs back into the short grasses of the golfing kingdom for additional beatings and grief.

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