Sunday, June 5, 2011


Spirit Line, Four Corners, NM

The Navajo believed that Spider Woman initially taught their ancestors how to weave their symbolic and spiritual rugs. And that makes perfect sense if you have ever watched a spider painstakingly weave each strand of an intricate web into a beautiful work of art. As with all creative artists, weavers put their heart and soul into each of their uniquely colorful pieces. If a border is woven, the weaver frequently adds what seems to be a flaw or mistake. We actually passed on purchasing a rug years ago because of this anomaly. Only later did we discover that this spirit line was purposely woven into a corner of the rug to allow the weaver’s spirit a path of escape to the outside edge. And it was a great life lesson regarding perceived “flaws” that ultimately provide diversity and uniqueness in all things.

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