Friday, February 18, 2011


Rallying the Troops, Greensboro, NC
Rising with the Sunrise, Emerald Beach, FL

The DVD “Beyond Narnia” is a short account of the extraordinarily creative life of C. S. Lewis. His classic “Chronicles of Narnia” tales have earned him worldwide recognition for his Christian thinking and writing. He was set on a bachelor’s life until Joy, a divorced American woman with two boys who had read and admired all of his writings, entered his life. They eventually married and their love for one another grew until cancer took her life much too early. Lewis wrote while grieving the loss of his wife that “I thought I could understand anything I put my mind to but God forced me to understand that the best is perhaps what we understand least—not my idea of God, but God himself. And why not—weren’t we all his children? I had to let go and not care whether I met Joy again. Is this the only way I can return to you by letting go of her? And the answer...was nothing…rather a silent compassionate gaze. Peace child, you don’t understand."

Once Lewis had reconciled himself to that revelation, he was able to begin his return to daily life and the lives of his two young step sons. When the youngest was finally able to approach him and ask, “Jack, what we gonna do?” Lewis simply replied, “We carry on.” And that was what they set out to do.

Sometimes when we don’t understand and there are no good answers in life, the only other answer is to soldier on in the faith that we can carry on and the human spirit can endure. When we seemingly have no control of the events in our life, we need to remind ourselves that we always have one alternative---how we positively respond. We rally our emotions and rise to meet the new sun with a new resolve.

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