Sunday, February 13, 2011


Curve Ahead, Jamestown, NC

One of the many laugh out loud moments from the movie Animal House is the scene after the Deltas have been banished from campus fraternity life. As a moving crew is dismantling their house, one of the brothers hopelessly laments, "What are we gonna do"? And the resounding response in unison is, "Road Trip"!

When life is getting a little too fast or a tad too slow, it’s always a sure bet to change things up a bit by changing the pace. And a road trip can be just the ticket. Leaving home in the rear view mirror and being on the road again is a great way to settle into some uninterrupted quality conversation with your companions or yourself. The scenery changes and the mile markers tick off the distance between you and the daily grind. You arrive back at home reenergized with a fresh perspective.

I’ve found that the optimum ride is experienced when the high octane coursing through the car’s fuel lines is as warm as the blood cells rushing through mine. There’s nothing that excites the senses like the sound of the throaty exhaust and a burst of testosterone as you punch second gear and lean into the next curve. And you quickly begin to understand one of those universal truths in life that it’s not as much about the destination as it is about the ride.

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