Monday, September 6, 2010


Kate, Thomasville, NC

The angelic photo along with a short article greeted folks from the front page of our local newspaper on this Labor Day weekend. It really is an angelic image. Many folks might read the article about the little girl's short life and conclude that God needed another little angel in heaven. God has more than enough angels in heaven. Others might rationalize that she was the inspiration for all the folks who volunteered with the Kisses4Kate foundation and made it possible for the family of seven to move into a new home where she spent her final days. I'm certain that all those people would have preferred to find their inspiration elsewhere. Others might say that we mortals all have a limited amount of time to live on this planet. But shouldn't that at least include the chance at a full life? We human beings always look for answers, which seems to be how we were wired. And we were created with a limited life span which hopefully we all understand. But there is no understanding or good answer for the untimely loss of an angelic child.

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